Finding a Place, Volume 2

New Building clip v2The New Testament uses the term “church” to describe a church universal or one of its congregations, never for a building. But “we needed a place to call our own.” Without “our church,” we couldn’t carry on a full program. Rumor had it that the Christian Science building at 400 County Road was for sale. There was hesitation. It seemed “a bit too near the White Church,” for one. Also, “its architectural style was not what many people called churchly.” Still, it was a good spot and ready to use; the lot on Middle Highway would be many months in developing.  John Graybill

Christian Science building snapshots 2 v2The Christian Science property was “admirably suited to the needs of the Presbyterian congregation.” Because of the building’s modern design, “expansion of both the church sanctuary and the Sunday School wing Christian Science building snapshots 3 v2will not be difficult.” The first job was to expand parking and quickly “put through a road to Tiffany Circle.” Georgia Boomer began designing the chancel, with Arthur P. Torrey, a Barrington architect.


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