You are invited: Bring a guest to Lunch Bunch!

Nothing beats a good meal and a good conversation. You can be assured of both at our monthly Lunch Bunch. Here’s a description of what it’s all about from Lunch Bunch convener Gary Van Dyke:

Our group formed initially in 2007 as “the Senior Lunch Bunch” as an avenue to provide a fellowship outlet for the senior members of the congregation.

We generally meet on the second Tuesday of the month with July and August off. Our program consists of a good meal, usually a casserole, salad and dessert, followed by a half-hour to an hour-long speaker presentation. We charge $7 per person to cover the cost of the food. Turnout is generally in the range of 15-20 people per meeting.

This year we changed our name to just “the Lunch Bunch,” both because the original title made some of our members feel old and we wanted to encourage younger members of the congregation to join us. So come for lunch and bring your friends as guests!

Past Lunch Bunch presenters have talked about such varied subjects as the history of the Bible as a printed book, what it’s like to work and travel around the world, contemporary issues for mainstream congregations, the economics of the housing market, and the story of King Phillip’s War. In October, Ellsworth Starring offered a photographic tour of his garden through spring, summer, and autumn. He returned in January to share his knowledge about the lives and songs of local birds. The lovely accompanying photo above, Mute Swan and Young, is from his collection.

Lunch Bunchers also tend to be adventurers. They’ve taken a cruise on the Bay Queen and are planning a fall foliage trip. Upcoming Lunch Bunch dates are February 15, March 15, April 12, May 10, and June 14. To find out more and reserve a spot for you and your guests, call 401-245-2218.


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