Filling the cup of our lives

In January, the Presbyterian Women of Southern New England met in Putnam, Conn., for our 2010 winter retreat. The Immaculate Conception Spiritual Renewal Center was the perfect setting – for renewing, refreshing, relaxing and reviewing our spiritual lives while living briefly with other Christian women.

Based on the book by Joyce Rupp, The Cup of our Life: A Guide for Spiritual Growth, Rev. Marilyn McNaughton and Rev. Lori Hedlund guided us to see the symbolism behind a simple cup – a special cup that we all had brought to the retreat from our kitchens! Through sharing, brainstorming, journaling, meditating, praying, and worshiping, we found the simple cup of our life is symbolic of every day – it is filled and emptied daily. Our first question on Friday night was “How are you a blessing to someone?”  That got us going! Our cup is filled and emptied all the time with blessings and hurts. When we are empty, God fills us with his blessings and we are once again filled to the brim.

Our final prayer after a lovely worship service included these words: May we continue to open the cup of our lives to your grace and love and be filled to pour out in service and be filled again. Amen

Twenty-one Christians were filled with newness and inspiration and left the convent with filled cups!

P.S. On Friday night we assembled 45 Hygiene Kits that will be sent to Haiti through Church World Service.

Contributed by Dotsie Shaw.


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